When: Wednesday, February 7, 4:30-5:30 PM ET

Topic: This, Not That: Science of Reading Implementation Tips and Traps

Featuring:  Nikki Bridges, Founder and CEO of Lit, and Nicole Mancini, Chief of Academics at Council of Great City Schools and Former Chief Academic Officer of Broward County Public Schools (our nation's 6th largest school district).  

Overview of Session: Nikki and Nicole are nationally-recognized experts who have led and consulted on Science of Reading implementation and practice shifts across districts, charters and elementary schools, yielding significant improvement in student learning.  At the Council of Great City Schools, Nicole is working with over 75 urban districts on student learning improvement.  Both Nikki and Nicole are key players in the national movement of school-based adoption of Science of Reading.  We are excited to bring you these two outstanding educational leaders, and provide you an opportunity to ask your questions. 

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