Become a Literacy Legend with Donations of $250 or more

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📚 Join the Literacy Revolution: Give $250 or More to the Clever Noodle Charitable Fund.

🔗 Click here to make a lasting impact on children's lives!

Every child deserves the gift of literacy. In the face of a nationwide crisis, we're launching Clever Noodle Charitable Fund the first fund of its kind focused on transforming early literacy.

🚀 Why Act Now?

  • Momentum is building for Science of Reading (SOR) with over 25 states adopting new legislation.
  • Educators on the front lines desperately need these tools to help their students advance.
  • But, it's time to go beyond small attempts and create a coordinated fund with the right theory of change.

💡 How Your Donation Makes an Impact:

  • Unify those who understand the importance of early literacy.
  • Accelerate the national transition to Science of Reading.
  • Improve outcomes for children across the nation.

🌟 Your Gift is Tax-Deductible!

🔗 Click here to make a lasting impact on children's lives!


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