We’re on a mission to unlock every child’s potential and redefine literacy education through the power of play.

Here's what educators are saying:

“Games help children practice more, lower their anxiety—and they're fun!”

Kaya Henderson
Former Chancellor,
DC Public Schools

“I was able to play-test Kangaroo Cravings with over 30 students, and they absolutely loved it!”

Candace Spencer
DC Public Schools
Elementary School Teacher

"I know what kids need to learn to read. Kangaroo Cravings is awesome. My students want to keep playing. It makes me so happy to see them moving, laughing and learning. Every teacher in America needs to throw away flashcards and use this game instead!"

Gina Sandrzyk
First Grade Teacher,
National Literacy Expert

How to Play

You can either play against the raccoon, cooperatively or against each other, competitively

The objective is to beat the raccoon to the pizza if you play cooperatively OR to be the first to the pizza if you are playing competitively

How to Buy

Our game can be used for home, class, and district-wide based on your need. Here is how you can buy:

Small order in class and home

District wide purchase [Please fill this short form, our team will be in touch.]

For general education, special education and ELL

Station Rotation

Set up a few stations around the classroom for students to rotate through and batch the words to
match your lesson plans.

Small Group or 1:1

Students are pulled into small group work, often for targeted practice.  Kangaroo Cravings makes high-frequency word practice fun and more effective.

Whole Class

Play with the whole class to practice words that have been taught in the curriculum. Teachers curate the words that match the lessons for the whole class to practice together.

Outside the Classroom

Kangaroo Cravings offers a fun and effective way to engage students at recess or in before and afterschool programming.