It’s Never Too Early to Start Building Your Child’s Literacy Skills - Even Pregnancy Counts! - Clever Noodle

It’s Never Too Early to Start Building Your Child’s Literacy Skills - Even Pregnancy Counts!

Clever Noodle Team
90% of the hard-wiring (physical) development of the brain happens in the 0-5 year old period so it’s never too early to start developing your child’s literacy skills.  Research shows even pregnancy matters!

During pregnancy, there are ways for expectant parents to promote language and cognitive development. Here are some activities that can support early literacy development:

  1. Read Aloud: Reading books, poems, or stories aloud to your baby bump can help them become familiar with the rhythm and cadence of language. This can create a soothing and comforting environment for the baby, also important for their developing neural pathways.

  2. Play Music: Listening to music, especially classical music, can have a calming effect on both the mother and the baby. Music can also stimulate brain development and language processing skills.

  3. Talk to Your Baby: Engaging in conversations with your unborn can help them recognize and process speech patterns. Describe your day, share your thoughts, and talk about your hopes and dreams for your child.

  4. Create a Calming Environment: Stress during pregnancy can impact fetal development, including cognitive and language skills. Creating a peaceful and stress-free environment can support healthy brain development in the fetus.

  5. Take Care of Yourself: As they say on planes in the safety instructions: Put your air mask on first and then once you are comfortably breathing, put one on your child.  This runs counter to so many moms’ thinking, but it’s an important message to start practicing now.  Mothers (and fathers) need to care for themselves so they have the energy, mindset and wherewithal to care for their new baby.  A healthy diet, regular exercise, and prenatal care are essential for the overall well-being of both the mother and the baby. A healthy pregnancy can positively impact the baby's development.

  6. Connect with Your Baby: Bonding with your baby bump through touch, gentle movements, and positive interactions can create a strong emotional connection that can benefit the baby's social and emotional development.
Creating a nurturing and stimulating environment during pregnancy can lay the foundation for healthy development and future literacy skills in the child. It's important for parents to prioritize their own well-being and create a supportive environment for their growing family.

Starting early matters and helps babies entering the world already have a head start!