Nurturing Literacy Success

As parents, you dream of building a strong literacy foundation for your children. You are searching for that perfect solution that keeps them on track, off screens, and engaged in play.

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Accelerate Your Child's Reading Success

Clever Noodle Does the Work for You!

You Don't Have to Be a Literacy Expert

Every Clever Noodle game is co-designed by a passionate educator mom and national literacy experts. We combine expertise in education with the joy of play, making it easy for you to accelerate your child's reading.

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When Play Transforms into Passion for Reading

With Clever Noodle's games, watch your child laugh and learn. Children have so much fun, they don't even realize that they are accelerating their reading!

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Parents Love Clever Noodle Games

“My daughter never sits still, but she’ll sit and play Kangaroo Cravings because it’s so engaging and fun.”

Geeta Upadhyay, Mom & PhD Biologist/Professor

“My son loves this game, he wants to play it again and again.”

Kevonne Small, Civil Rights Attorney and Mother

“Love this game! My son keeps asking to play and it’s fun to see him jump around and act so silly while he’s actually learning something. His teacher sent a bunch of these words home for him to practice and this game is helping a lot.”

Jordan Wyatt, Parent

“My daughter loves this game, she asks to play it again and again! She was a second grade struggling reader. When I found out her school was using an ineffective, old-school curriculum to teach reading, I started helping her with this game. It really helped her, and she loved playing it. Thank you!”

Erica Payne, Parent

"My grandkids love this game, and I love playing it with them. It gives us something special to do together -- and I know they are learning."

Shelly Parker, Grandmother, Texas

"Whoever made this game is an angel from Heaven. My grandson struggled all summer with his teacher-assigned sight words. Then, I got this game and he went from knowing 6 to 56 in 2 weeks! Thank you!"

Sarah Huntington, Grandmother, Wisconsin

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