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Accelerate Reading, Support Dyslexia

Practice reading without the stress with award-winning Kangaroo Cravings.

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Dyslexia is Often Misunderstood

Many students with dyslexia have been overlooked, misdiagnosed or forced to use a reading curriculum that is poorly matched to how children learn to read best, especially those with dyslexia.

Let's Solve This
Help Your Child Love 
to Read
Help Your Child Love 
to Read

Help Your Child Love 
to Read

As parents of a child with dyslexia, we know the reading struggle is real. Finding support that is proven, easy to use, and fun is game-changing.

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Kangaroo Cravings is Really Fun and Highly Effective

Good-bye Flashcards (and old-school memorization), Hello Fun!


Learning to read is not natural. We must build children’s neural circuit boards through explicit, structured literacy. For dyslexic children, learning to read requires even more practice and support. Given the amount of practice needed, I cannot imagine teaching children with dyslexia without games – and Kangaroo Cravings really works.”

Carolyn Strom

NYU Professor and National Dyslexia Expert

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Empower Their Future

Start with Kangaroo Cravings

Kangaroo Cravings

Kangaroo Cravings

Kangaroo Cravings improves reading fluency, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem by helping children learn over 300 high-frequency sight words.



Kangaroo Cravings To-Go

Kangaroo Cravings To-Go

Kangaroo Cravings To Go lets you take the Kangaroo Cravings sight word fun with you, adding 100 common nouns to game play or on the go.


Make Practice Fun with Kangaroo Cravings

Kangaroo Cravings helps kids learn 300 of the most common “sight” words without even realizing they’re learning! Our fun, cutting-edge science-backed approach builds the foundational reading skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

Let's Play

Make Practice Effective with Kangaroo Cravings

More than fun, Kangaroo Cravings is the only high-frequency “sight” word game aligned with the Science of Reading and endorsed by teachers, dyslexia tutors (CALTs), and national literacy experts who recognize the effectiveness of combining play with:  

  • 300 high-frequency words that appear most often in children’s books
  • Carefully curated word list, including Dolch, Frye, Orton Gillingham (OG), and Heart
  • Decoding practice (sounding out) of regular words
  • Visual cues to recognizing tricky words that don’t follow standard phonetic patterns 
  • Silly, OG-aligned multi-sensory actions help strengthen neural connections for storing words in long-term memory and for quicker word retrieval and reading fluency (speed and accuracy)

Kangaroo Cravings enables loads of fun practice, helping children improve their fluency, decoding, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem. 

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Teachers Love Kangaroo Cravings

Teachers love using Kangaroo Cravings to increase practice and make learning fun!

Founded by Passionate Mom of Son with Dyslexia, Backed by Science

Enter Clever Noodle. We recognize the importance of early literacy, but also the struggle and self esteem issues among children who struggle to learn how to read. Combining our expertise in education with the joy of gameplay, our team, led by a passionate mom of a son with dyslexia, has crafted an experience that allows students to learn based on the methods approved by dyslexia experts, while boosting their confidence and letting them have fun!

Kangaroo Cravings

The Kangaroo Cravings Difference

  Kangaroo Cravings

 ☀️ 300 Most Common Sight Words
 ☀️ Highly Effective
 ☀️ Super Fun
 ☀️ Based on Brain Science
 ☀️ Multi-Sensory Experience
 ☀️ Endorsed by Literacy Experts



 ⓧ 220 sight words
 ⓧ Not effective
 ⓧ Not so fun
 ⓧ Not based on brain science
 ⓧ Lacks multi-sensory
 ⓧ Not endorsed by literacy experts 

Make Learning (and Practicing) to Read Fun!

Let’s enliven the reading journey, guiding you with the Science of Reading and standing by you if challenges arise.

Kangaroo Cravings
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Get Kangaroo Cravings and the To-Go expansion pack to help your child learn 400 high-frequency words.

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Revel in the joy of learning alongside your child or entrust their growth to caregivers.

Created by a Mom for Moms
Play to learn!
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Witness the blossoming of their literacy skills and soaring confidence, all while playing and having fun!

Parents are children’s first and best teachers, but when traditional methods are not working, we can’t expect parents to be reading experts. That’s where Clever Noodle comes in. We create games that are really fun and highly effective based on brain science and approved by national literacy experts - so you can trust us to support your child’s reading journey. 

Your job: engage your child, play, and have fun!

Let's Read

Endorsed by Our Expert Literacy Panel

Laurie Moloney

Laurie Moloney

Co-Founder, Decoding Dyslexia DC; Academic Language Therapist; Former President, International Dyslexia Association

Carolyn Strom, PhD

Carolyn Strom, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Literacy, NYU

Nikki Bridges

Nikki Bridges

Founder and CEO of Lit; Former Superintendent of Education, Uncommon Schools

Tom Dillon

Tom Dillon

Co-Founder, The Literacy Lab

Kate Franz

Kate Franz

Former Director of Literacy, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School; National Literacy Consultant; PhD student in Literacy Education, Syracuse University

Molly Ness, PhD

Molly Ness, PhD

Vice President of Academic Content at Learning Ally

Dyslexia Experts Love Kangaroo Cravings

Laurie Moloney

“After almost 40 years tutoring children with dyslexia, it's amazing to see the impact that Kangaroo Cravings is having on my students.  Kids love playing Kangaroo Cravings so much that parents are now asking how to get ‘this kangaroo game my kids keep talking about.’”

Laurie Moloney
Co-Founder, Decoding Dyslexia DC; President, International Dyslexia Association DC Region; Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT)

Gina Sandrzyk

“I know what kids need to learn to read. Kangaroo Cravings is awesome. My students want to keep playing. It makes me so happy to see them moving, laughing and learning.”

Gina Sandrzyk

Get Literacy
National SOR Expert, 1st Grade Teacher

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“After observing dozens of children play and learn with Kangaroo Cravings, I bought the game for all of our tutors to use in our program.”

Ellen O’Neill
Executive Director, Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center

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How To Play

Sound out a sight word from
one of three difficulty decks

Spell it out with one of nine multi-
sensory actions to activate learning!

Move your piece forward
according to the card

First player to reach
the pizza wins!

95% of children should be able to read by third grade


of children should be able to read by third grade


of children actually do read by third grade

30% of children actually do read by third grade
70% of all children remain at a fourth grade reading level


of all children remain at a fourth grade reading level

The Crucial Crossroads of Early Reading

Cognitive scientists report that 95% of children should be able to read at grade level by the third grade—but only 30% of American children actually do. Low-income children of color and children with learning differences disproportionately fall behind in their reading levels and 75% of these children remain behind forever.

Improve Childhood Literacy

When Play Transforms into Passion for Reading

With Clever Noodle's games like Kangaroo Cravings, immerse your child in a world where literacy thrives amidst fun and laughter. Witness improved academic outcomes and watch as every page turned becomes a life long love for reading.

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When Play Transforms into Passion for Reading