Mom and Daughter Playing Clever Noodle Popped!

Establishing a Strong Literacy Foundation is Crucial

The freedom to make academic decisions for your child is a big responsibility and exciting opportunity. 

Building a literacy foundation strong enough for a child’s entire education starts with highly effective and engaging reading practice.

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Leveraging the Power of Play

Our fun, cutting-edge science-backed approach builds the foundational reading skills children need to succeed in school and in life. Kids have so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning!

  • Zany
  • Engaging
  • Fast-Paced
  • Hilarious
Help Your Child Love to Read

Packed with Self-Paced Literacy Learning

Kids learn at different paces and have unique needs.  That’s why our games have multiple learning levels! Bringing together learners, across different ages and abilities, including those with learning differences (dyslexia, ADHD, etc), ensures all children have a blast while practicing the fundamentals of reading -  just right for them.

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Play Outside the Box for Endless Activities

The rich learning in every game provides the basis for endless extension activities to encourage lots of reading practice. Take a set of cards on the road for a game of I Spy, have a scavenger hunt, or use them to play “Go Fish” while reading! Use your imagination - and come up with new ideas (and send them to us so we share with others!).

Play to Learn

Homeschool Parents Love Clever Noodle

"Homeschool families juggle so many things and every hour counts.  It’s relieving to have a game that is fun and works. Plus it gives me some guilt-free time back. Seeing my kids laugh - while learning - is the best gift of all.”

Jody U, Texas

"I feel good about using Kangaroo Cravings for my kids --it works, it's fun, and it keeps the kids off screens.”

Neil B, Washington, DC

"I am an educational consultant, professor of teacher training, and homeschool mom active in a large collaborative. My son loves Kangaroo Cravings.  It's been a huge hit and I love seeing him having so much fun when I know he's actually learning.  Great for homeschool."

Rona Frederick, University Professor, Homeschool mom, Washington, DC  

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