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Kangaroo Cravings Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Andre Dev
Two years ago, when our founder Jacquelyn started on a journey to help her bright dyslexic son learn to read, she never envisioned that an entire community (now over 300 strong) would show up and make her dream happen.

Now, thanks to your support, the game she created for her son will be available for all children on their own learn-to-read journey.

Kangaroo Cravings is now fully funded on Kickstarter!

Parents don’t need to know how and why the Science of Reading works, but they can find an innovative learn-to-read game their kids actually want to play! Teachers can integrate this multi-sensory learning game into their classrooms to support their children in building foundational reading and social-emotional skills. We get children off their devices and actively learning and engaging with their friends. And lastly, through meaningful partnerships with the nonprofit organizations deeply integrated in the communities serving marginalized children and families, we are able to make progress toward equity as one of our core values. Together, we can deliver thousands of games to classrooms and homes across the country, impacting the lives of thousands of children.

What happens next?

Our campaign ends in 25 days on Giving Tuesday: November 29th. Until then, we will continue to build awareness and expand our reach beyond our incredible Kickstarter community!

We are beyond energized and so grateful to you for supporting our mission to build a future where every child learns to read, one game at a time.