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Our Best Selling Reading Games

Popped! 250 CVC Word Card Game with Balloon Dog

Popped! 250 CVC Word Card Game with Balloon Dog

Popped! from Clever Noodle is a dynamic, risk-and-reward game that boosts children's reading skills using brain science and play. Endorsed by national literacy experts, this game features a collaboration with renowned artist Jeff Koons, bringing his iconic Balloon Dog to life.


Kangaroo Cravings 300 Sight Word Board Game

Kangaroo Cravings 300 Sight Word Board Game

Kangaroo Cravings is a fun game that improves reading by boosting fluency, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem. By integrating gameplay with the Science of Reading, children learn 300 high-frequency sight words, improving their reading skills.



Nurturing Literary Success

Nurturing Literary Success

As parents, you dream of building a strong literacy foundation for your children. You are searching for that perfect solution that keeps them on track, off screens and engaged in play.

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I know what kids need to learn to read. Kangaroo Cravings is awesome. My students want to keep playing. It makes me so happy to see them moving, laughing and learning.”

Gina Sandrzyk

First Grade Teacher, National Literacy Expert

Gina Sandrzyk
Reading in a Distracted Age

Reading in a Distracted Age

With today’s historic literacy crisis and a world filled with digital distractions, ensuring your child engages with reading is an ongoing challenge.

Let's Solve This

Driven by Passion & Backed by Science

Enter Clever Noodle. We recognize the importance of early literacy. Combining our expertise in education with the joy of gameplay, our team, led by a passionate mom, has crafted an experience that's both enlightening and enthralling.

The Award-Winning Clever Noodle Difference

  Clever Noodle

 ☀️ Based on the Science of Reading
 ☀️ Super Fun
 ☀️ Highly Effective
 ☀️ 3 Difficulty Levels, 250+ Cards
 ☀️ Multi-Sensory Experience
 ☀️ Endorsed by Literacy Experts



 ⓧ Based on outdated approach
 ⓧ Boring
 ⓧ No effectiveness evidence
 ⓧ 1 level, 50 cards or fewer
 ⓧ Lacks multi-sensory
 ⓧ Not endorsed by literacy experts 

How To Play

Sound out a sight word from
one of three difficulty decks

Spell it out with one of nine multi-
sensory actions to activate learning!

Move your piece forward
according to the card

First player to reach
the pizza wins!

Your Child's 3-Step Journey to Literacy Success

Let’s enliven the reading journey, guiding you with the science of reading and standing by you if challenges arise.

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Select a Clever Noodle Game

Find games for your child's age and literacy level.

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Play and Learn

Support your child on their reading journey through the power of play.

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Watch Your Child Soar

Witness the blossoming of their literacy skills and soaring confidence, all while playing and having fun!

Parents are children’s first and best teachers, but we can’t expect them/you to be reading experts. That’s where Clever Noodle comes in. We create games that are really fun and highly effective based on brain science for you and approved by national literacy experts. You engage your child, play, and have fun!

Let's Read

Empower Their Future

Super Fun, Highly Effective Reading Games


Popped! 250 CVC Word Card Game with Balloon Dog

Popped! is a fast-paced, high-stakes game of risk and reward that rapidly accelerates children's reading through the power of play and cutting-edge brain science. Clever Noodle's products are the only reading games endorsed by national literacy experts. A collaboration with world-renowned artist Jeff Koons, Popped! brings his iconic Balloon Dog to life.



Kangaroo Cravings 300 Sight Word Board Game

Kangaroo Cravings is a fun-filled game that accelerates reading education by improving reading fluency, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem. Combining game play with the proven Science of Reading, children practice and learn 300 high-frequency sight words to help them read with both speed and ease.



95% of children should be able to read by third grade


of children should be able to read by third grade


of children actually do read by third grade

30% of children actually do read by third grade
70% of all children remain at a fourth grade reading level


of all children remain at a fourth grade reading level

The Crucial Crossroads of Early Reading

Cognitive scientists report that 95% of children should be able to read at grade level by the third grade—but only 30% of American children actually do. Low-income children of color and children with learning differences disproportionately fall behind in their reading levels and 75% of these children remain behind forever.

Improve Childhood Literacy

When Play Transforms into Passion for Reading

With Clever Noodle's games like Popped and Kangaroo Cravings, immerse your child in a world where literacy thrives amidst fun and laughter. Witness improved academic outcomes and watch as every page turned becomes a life long love for reading.

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When Play Transforms into Passion for Reading

Endorsed by Our Expert Literacy Panel

Nikki Bridges

Nikki Bridges

Founder and CEO of Lit; Former Superintendent of Education, Uncommon Schools

Tom Dillon

Tom Dillon

Co-Founder, The Literacy Lab

Kate Franz

Kate Franz

Former Director of Literacy, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School; National Literacy Consultant; PhD student in Literacy Education, Syracuse University

Laurie Moloney

Laurie Moloney

Co-Founder, Decoding Dyslexia DC; Academic Language Therapist; Former President, International Dyslexia Association


Katharine Noonan

Vice President, The Reading League Washington, DC; National LETRS Professional Learning Facilitator; K-5 ELA Coach at Garrison Elementary School, D.C. Public Schools

Carolyn Strom, PhD

Carolyn Strom, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Literacy, NYU


Nicole Mancini

Chief of Academics, Council of Great City Schools; Former Chief Academic Officer, Broward County Public Schools


Melissa Kim, Ed.D

Former Deputy Chancellor, DC Public Schools; Chief Academic Officer, KIPP DC; Middle School Principal

Our Customers Love Clever Noodle Games

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“My daughter never sits still, but she’ll sit and play Kangaroo Cravings because it’s so engaging and fun.”

Geeta Upadhyay
Mom & PhD Biologist/Professor

Group 24.png__PID:c8930917-067a-4e1a-bcf9-32fa31908b78

“Every K-2 classroom should have this game and use it to complement their Science of Reading curriculum.”

Kate Noonan
Vice President, The Reading League Washington, DC

Group 24.png__PID:c8930917-067a-4e1a-bcf9-32fa31908b78

“My son loves this game, he wants to play it again and again.”

Kevonne Small
Civil Rights Attorney and Mother

Group 24.png__PID:c8930917-067a-4e1a-bcf9-32fa31908b78

“Love this game! My son keeps asking to play and it’s fun to see him jump around and act so silly while he’s actually learning something. His teacher sent a bunch of these words home for him to practice and this game is helping a lot.”

Jordan Wyatt

Group 24.png__PID:c8930917-067a-4e1a-bcf9-32fa31908b78

“My daughter loves this game, she asks to play it again and again! She was a second grade struggling reader. When I found out her school was using an ineffective, old-school curriculum to teach reading, I started helping her with this game. It really helped her, and she loved playing it. Thank you!”

Erica Payne

Group 24.png__PID:c8930917-067a-4e1a-bcf9-32fa31908b78

“This game is really, really fun and silly.”

Zaire F.
3rd Grader from Maryland

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