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Kangaroo Cravings improves reading fluency, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem by helping children learn over 300 high-frequency sight words. High-frequency word instruction helps increase a child’s ability to read with both speed and ease.

Hop along the path to a delicious, cheesy pizza, picking up high-frequency word cards with multi-sensory dancing, singing, acting, and drawing tasks along the way. Play cooperatively to beat the raccoon together, or play competitively for an all-out race.

  • Three difficulty levels
  • 1-5 players at a time
  • Ages 4-9
  • Grades PreK-3rd
Buy One Give One Kangaroo Cravings Bundle
Buy One Give One Kangaroo Cravings Bundle

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Learn in weeks

Kangaroo Cravings takes learning sight words to a whole new level.

Hop along the path to a delicious, cheesy pizza, picking up “sight word” cards with multi-sensory dancing, singing, acting and drawing tasks along the way. Play cooperatively to beat the raccoon together, or play competitively for an all-out race. No screens involved!

Super Fun, Highly Effective

How to Play Kangaroo Cravings

Students will have a blast practicing 300 high-frequency words across 3 difficulty levels. During their turn, students sound out, spell and complete a multi-sensory action for each word. The objective is to beat the raccoon to the pizza if you play cooperatively OR to be the first to the pizza if you are playing competitively.

Your students will laugh their way to literacy!

The Kangaroo Cravings Difference

  • Kangaroo Cravings

    ☀️ 300 Most Common Sight Words
    ☀️ Highly Effective
    ☀️ Super Fun
    ☀️ Based on Brain Science
    ☀️ Multi-Sensory Experience
    ☀️ Endorsed by Literacy Experts

  • Games from Other Brands

    ⓧ Less than 200 sight words
    ⓧ Not effective
    ⓧ Not so fun
    ⓧ Not based on brain science
    ⓧ Lacks multi-sensory
    ⓧ Not endorsed by experts 

Parents, Teachers, and Kids Love Our Games

“I’ve already seen really excited students playing this game. When can I get the final product? I need it now.”

Amaryllis Torres, Special Education Teacher, Prince George County Public Schools

“This game will be a great classroom supplement to our Science of Reading curriculum, allowing our students to have fun while practicing.”

Kisha Woods, Reading Coach, J.O. Wilson Elementary School, DC Public Schools

“Our literacy experts reviewed Kangaroo Cravings and we are excited to purchase it to use in our classrooms.”

Dr. Melissa Kim, Deputy Chancellor, DC Public Schools

“This game is so great, I can't wait to see it on the shelves!”

Kevwe Orere, 2nd Grade Teacher, British International School of Washington

“My son loves this game, he wants to play it again and again.”

Kevonne Small, Civil Rights Attorney and Mother

“Every K-2 classroom should have this game and use it to complement their Science of Reading curriculum.”

Kate Noonan, Vice President,The Reading League Washington, DC


We’re all about improving equity in our educational system.

Clever Noodle is partnering with New Leaders, a national nonprofit that trains school leaders to run schools effectively, especially for low-income students of color who have historically been poorly served, and Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children, a national non-profit created by parents, educators and advocates driven by the urgent need to alleviate the double disparity of unaddressed Dyslexia and racism.

Together, we’re getting Kangaroo Cravings in low-income and underserved classrooms in 15 cities.

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